Nirvana "Love Buzz" 7-inch review

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Nirvana "Love Buzz" 7-inch review
Mar 1, 1989, 03:32


NIRVANA “Love Buzz” b/w “Big Cheese” 7”

Sorry kids, but it's time to put the kibosh on the Northwestern, 70's revival, long-hair bandwagon. This single should be enough to strangle the babe in its crib. Fake Middle Eastern metal-cum-psych riffs on the A-side are pure boredom. (Wasn't one Physical Graffiti enough?) “Big Cheese” is considerably better and chugs along nicely. Why it wasn't the A-side is beyond me.

Contrary to some assertions, Sub Pop is not the single best indie label around. Black Eye in Australia is way cooler and Shimmy Disc's finest moments beat it hands down. Ethical concerns prohibit me from naming who I really think puts out the best records pound-for-pound. Anyway… Nirvana is only passable and certainly not worth shelling out “limited edition” bucks for. [Sub Pop]

-Bruce Adams

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