St. Vitus LP review [SST]

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St. Vitus LP review [SST]
Mar 1, 1989, 03:19


ST. VITUS Mournful Cries LP

St. Vitus should put satellite photos of Jupiter or Saturn on their album covers. When I think of them, I think of the gas giants: Huge, swirling streams of methane; bone-crushing gravity, and a core of rock.

Mournful Cries is the first St. Vitus LP to feature new guitarist/singer Scott “Wino” Weinrich (formerly of The Obsessed from DC). The two guitar line-up does put more punch into the St. Vitus stew. It is a thick and chewy mix. The whole 70's rero fad has really gotten my goat lately, but at least St. Vitus can claim to have been doing it for nine years. For that I can forgive them. Mournful Cries is their best effort yet, and forward motion has got to count for something [SST]

-Bruce Adams

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