The Coachmen 12" EP review [New Alliance]

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The Coachmen 12" EP review [New Alliance]
Jun 1, 1989, 05:44


THE COACHMEN Failure To Thrive 12” EP

Demo poop from back in '79 when that string bean feller from Sonic Youth was living up there in New England. This stuff easily (and humorously) brings to mind Reed/Velvets terrain quicker than you can say “knob-job.” That this equally sounds like Minneapolis' own, belated Suburbs (the group folks, the group) parroting the same terrain is one more stupefying but true tid-bit of useless rock trivia. I mean, who would have ever imagined cartoonist J.D. King (who puts out Twist Comix and was a former contributor to both Stop and Punk magazines) was struggling and starving with a different sort of “art,” let alne doing it in acahoots w/Dennis the Menace on stilts?!? Small world, ain't it? [New Alliance]

-Peter Davis

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