ALIENS: MONDO PEST by Henry Gilroy

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ALIENS: MONDO PEST by Henry Gilroy
Dec 1, 1995, 13:08


ALIENS: MONDO PEST by Henry Gilroy; Dark Horse Comics, 1994, 1995 (reprint)

Aliens and Predator both seem to be advantageous sources for these story lines and reader draw for Dark Horse, so it's not too strange to see a host of products that base themselves and combine both products. Usually the plots seek to exploit the grim and forbidding natures of the movies from where these comics draw their inspiration, but Mondo Pest is a humorous exception.

Mondo Pest is a big, burly exterminator that performs the much needed service of eliminating Aliens in a style emulating Schwarzenegger. Our hero reluctantly finds himself being forced to deal with an Alien infestation on a remote agricultural planet, being screwed by bureaucrats, heart-warmed by a child, firing zillions of rounds o' ammo and cracking some good funnies. The story has its share of the tried and true Aliens formula of wimpy humans being scared shitless and slaughtered before one of them digs up the nerve to make it happen and defeat (or at least stave off) the slavering critters. The difference here is that our hero is bootin' booty from the git-go and ain't taking no lip in a place where nobody can hear an Alien scream. This is basically Lobo Vs Aliens and if you were looking for a different flavor in your Aliens diet, this is it.

-Mark Ford

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