BLACKBURN: A NOVEL by Bradley Denton

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BLACKBURN: A NOVEL by Bradley Denton
Dec 1, 1995, 13:00


BLACKBURN: A NOVEL by Bradley Denton; Picador USA, 1993

The magazine editor doesn't pay my invoice. I go to see him about it. He doesn't care/is unrepentant/rude. I blow him the fuck away.

Haven't we all had this fantasy? (Actually with me it's the goddamn constant horn honking on my street, the Salvadoran version of a telephone, one of these days—snipe attack!) The hero of this novel, Jimmy Blackburn, goes through life causing death, but in a uniquely PC twist, he picks his victims with great care, choosing really thoughtless, sometimes genuinely evil people to whack, even giving some of them the opportunity to repent. This nice escapist piece of fiction reads quick and is easy on the brain. . . were all serial killers (and authors) so thoughtful.

-Hope Urban

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