REBEL WITHOUT A CREW by Robert Rodriguez

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REBEL WITHOUT A CREW by Robert Rodriguez
Dec 1, 1995, 13:48


REBEL WITHOUT A CREW: OR HOW A 23-YEAR-OLD FILMMAKER WITH $7,000 BECAME A HOLLYWOOD PLAYER by Robert Rodriguez; Dutton, 1995 in essence, Rodiquez' collected journal notations and anecdotes that take the reader through the course of his travails prior to, during and following the making, and success of his much lauded independent film, El Mariachi, of which I trust the vast majority of you are well versed in at this point in time. Needless to say Rebel...IS a necessary read; if not for the budding filmmaker her/his ownself, but much the same for anyone else with any serious interest in the science, if not the overall EXPERIENCE of movie making in and of itself. Rebel...ably succeeds in exciting due to the YOU ARE THERE feel it is soaked in, and it's guaranteed to alter perceptions of what it takes to make a film this day in age, versus the conventional assumptions and arguments that have been made based on the beast that is cinema, its history and the monolith that it represents to all of us today. It only comes with sadness that Rodriguez, as a filmmaker in my view, has not lived up to the great expectations he himself set with the making of his first film. (see film/video section for further commentary.)

-Peter Davis

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