SHOPGIRL by Steve Martin; Hyperion, 2000

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Sep 1, 2000, 03:33


SHOPGIRL by Steve Martin; Hyperion, 2000

In this 144 pg. novella, a lonely glove sales-girl named Mirabelle looks for love in L.A. The results of which make this a feel good novel. If you're not familiar with Steve Martin's literary output, it's quite good. If you've ever seen one of his movies where he narrates over the film like in L.A. Story or Bowfinger, you can hear that some sort of tone when you read the book. That makes this novel really visual, modern fairy tale. He's definitely groovin' his style. It's perfect Steve Martin, capturing the nuances of love, heartbreak, and the communication (and subsequent misinterpretations) of the opposite sexes, dead on.

-Trinity Canty

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