Holy Smoke DVD review

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Holy Smoke DVD review
Aug 8, 2000, 05:15

HOLY SMOKE directed by Jane Campion; Miramax, 2000

I want to get a hold of whatever Jane Campion has been taking. If Campion's films truly are a product of her dreams then she's either on drugs, or insane. Maybe it's Harvey Weinstein who's insane since he's the one who forked over some serious cash for this unbearable 114 minutes of Campion's fantasyland. Set in Australia, Holy Smoke is the story of Ruth Baron (Kate Winslet) who has gone to India with some friends only to be sucked into a mystical cult lifestyle that frightens her parents into hiring PJ Waters (Harvey Keitel), a professional cult exiter. Once Baron's mother has tricked her into coming back to Australia to see her deathbed ridden father, it's up to Waters to deprogram her. Waters immediately gets Baron away from her dysfunctional family and sets out for a shack located in the isolated Australian Outback. Waters and Baron then engage in a battle for spirit, soul, and sanity. This battle of wills creates the tension that is touted as sex and sizzle—that's if you consider Winslet pissing all over herself as sexy. Anything remotely arousing about this film is overshadowed by the absurdity of the characters, especially PJ Waters. The relationship between characters is as unbelievable as the plot that attempts to tie everything together. What you're left with is an unfinished process as if you woke up in the middle of Campion's dream, not knowing where you're at or where you're going.

-Troy Brookins

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