Jobjumper BOOK review [Whiskey Rebel/Phil Irwin]

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Jobjumper BOOK review [Whiskey Rebel/Phil Irwin]
Jan 31, 2000, 01:52

JOBJUMPER by The Whiskey Rebel (Phil Irwin); Steel Cage Books, 1999

I finished this book wondering why a man with the obvious intelligence of Phil Irwin would spend his life trying to annihilate that same intelligence. Irwin is content to do repetitive, semi-skilled jobs, for varying periods of time, just basically to survive and purchase that next twelve-pack of beer. The hundreds of pages of this book provide a detailed litany of those jobs, innumerable cans of beer, the pals and shitheads he's worked with and for, and not much else. Did you know that Phil Irwin is better known by his nom de plume of The Whiskey Rebel, fronting the ageless punk rock outfit Rancid Vat? Or did you know that he is also in a band called (appropriately enough) Alcoholics Unanimous? Did you know that he has a wife and kids and has written other books? Well, you won't be reading about this in any of his work. He keeps everything outside of his dayjob life out of the story, tossing in asides such as getting married like he just popped open another cold one. One never gets the sense of a full person here: just someone who wakes up, goes to work, drinks, then goes to sleep. What is going on in the mind of Phil Irwin? Maybe that will be included in another book. The tone is friendly and conversational, it's a good read. But if you are looking for any kind of insight, you'll be left sorely wanting.

-Les Scurry

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