Lamb of God CD review [Epic]

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Lamb of God CD review [Epic]
Aug 22, 2006, 14:32

LAMB OF GOD Sacrament CD

When you like a band you always have high hopes for their next record. You always think, “If I were in this band, I would make the next record sound like blah blah blah,” playing into the fantasy that somehow you have control over what a band does or that maybe you're the forgotten first bass player that has some secret influence over your old band mates. I don't know. While I would like to fantasize that I am in Lamb of God, my hair is falling out at too fast a rate to keep pace with their dirty stoner dudes from Richmond look. However, I was absolutely floored when I finally heard their new record Sacrament.

Sacrament does everything that I could have ever have wanted it to. It was like these guys read my mind when I thought of all the things wrong with their previous records through some sort of strange, stoned ESP psychic transmission. Sacrament burns from the beginning, with the keyboard operetta “Walk With me in Hell,” a slow soundtrack to Dante's Inferno, like Slayer slowed down and playing in the largest cathedral on the planet to a smoke filled crowd of backwater metal fans. Chris Adler's drums are arranged like a precise machine with every single fucking drum beat calculated and planned and executed like a perfect alignment of the planets. After a brief pause, the record belts into their “hit song” from the record, a dying entity in the mid-2000's, although “Redneck” will hardly get any radio play. Lamb of God show that they can go toe-to-toe with the biggest in radio metal, power charging an “I'll kill you if you come near me” rant inviting every asshole on the planet to join in their free-for-all where they will reign supreme. The record's high point has to be “Blacken the Cursed Sun,” a weird anthemic work on par with Beethoven's 6th Symphony.

You always have to ask yourself about metal heads, but Lamb of God is a band that every dork can identify with. Raised probably in some not so stable homes in a dirt-water town in the south but not stupid by any means, picked on constantly in school, you can see that the members of Lamb of God would probably be in Harvard if it weren't for pot, EyeHateGod and Breadwinner. These guys are way too smart for their fans, but the fact that they are so adept at coming up with unthinkable guitar lines and absolutely anal song structures are probably the reason why they are so big. Combine this with Randy J. Blythe, who probably stills works on a loading dock, moving crates into trucks, nursing a hangover while waiting for Friday night to come around, Lamb of God speak directly to the metal masses, taking a space held by Metallica in the late 80's. Sorry, but I just can't heap enough praise onto Lamb of God. [Epic]

-Peter Larson

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