Metal: Episode One FANZINE review

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Metal: Episode One FANZINE review
Dec 15, 2000, 04:27

METAL Episode One: Diamonds and Rust Issue #1 Written, edited, and published by Chris Maycock and Jeff Wagner, 2000

Two young guys who write with a passion for the music they love and a lyrical style that blows the doors off of preconceptions that the metal genre is a soulless void of intelligence, lacking any thoughtful capacity for self-analysis, etc. Available annually, Metal is that rare breed of music publications (whether they are of the slick, well-financed variety or of the self-published-on-a-shoe-string type) whose writers actually know what they are talking about and speak the language fluently. Definitely an elite publication—especially for a first attempt—but not written from an elitist's point of view. I think anyone with a passionate interest in music can and will appreciate this new addition to the genre for what it's worth: a critical journal of opinionated ideas that brightly illustrates and articulates the right questions and sets out to answer as many of them as possible. In other words Metal is not conceived by lazy gentlemen. The best music journalism, as most of you know, isn't about objectivity and this rag doesn't state this as their aim—nor should they. The best journalism is about experience and perception and how you go about relating acquired observations and understandings to the people in a colorful way that not only entertains but is thoughtful and enlightening. Metal, as I stated before, is a rare breed. A publication that can actually compel interest and inspire its readers is no easy feat. Hell, any publication that can manage to rekindle some flickering interest in an old fuddy-duddy like me—especially in a genre of music that I've felt has been barely worth my interest in over a dozen years—is worth your time. [for ordering information write:]

-Peter Davis

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