Motorhead DVD review [SPV/Steamhammer]

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Motorhead DVD review [SPV/Steamhammer]
Sep 3, 2002, 19:01

MOTORHEAD 25 & Alive: Boneshaker DVD

The fact that a band of hell-raising speedfreaks like Motorhead are celebrating their 25th Anniversary can't possibly fail to appeal to one's optimism regarding the current state of the music “biz.” This DVD, shot at the Brixton Academy in London, on October 22, 2000, doesn't fail to live up to high expectations, even when you consider that the best Motorhead albums have always been the live ones.

Two and a half hours may qualify as saturation, but this is a band whose signature song is “Overkill,” after all. Twenty-three songs shot by no less than eight cameras, Boneshaker could have been filmed in 1978, give or take a gray hair or two. Not much has changed about the band since its inception, which is precisely the point.

The onstage guest appearances are golden. Heavy metal sex queen Doro Pesch and Ugly Kid Joe / Life of Agony throat Whitfield Crane ably guest on “Born to Raise Hell,” while Brian May and Motorhead alum “Fast” Eddie Clarke lend their talents to the killer finale. The very sight of Brian May taking a lead on “Overkill” should be enough to justify the fairly low price of this DVD to even the most casual Motorhead fan, if such a thing even exists.

The extra features on the DVD border on parody. If you've ever longed to hear ruminations on the poetry of Lemmy's lyrics, a certain bona fide guitar hero comment on the complexity of Motorhead's arrangements, the words “Zen” and “Lemmy” used in the same sentence, British fans' candid indictments of “Ace Of Spades” as a singular life-altering epiphany, or have ever been curious as to what an “acoustic” Motorhead number would sound like, prepare yourself.

The song goes “We are Motorhead and we don't have no class.” Thanks, Lemmy, for small miracles. Here's to another 25. [Steamhammer/SPV]

-James Jackson Toth

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