Skulls CD review [Dr. Strange]

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Skulls CD review [Dr. Strange]
Nov 19, 2002, 23:39


SKULLS Therapy for the Shy CD

Around since 1978, the band disintegrated in the 80s and the original drummer died in 2000, and now this: tours, interviews, the whole bit. Kids enlisted in the band, the singer hung in there, several incarnations later, this thing: 11 songs in 28 minutes and the only thing different from the older stuff is the very apparent digital recording, which takes a little edge off. Band reformations are always a bit iffy; were the reasons egotistical/financial (always denied) or for the pleasure of making more racket again? (most often cited.)

In this case, the Skulls make earnest noise for all the right reasons, an urge to hang out, spend a night out at practice or at some beautifully dingy joint playing songs with some buddies. Which is what it was about in the first place. Nice CD, this, a cover of the Saints' “Erotic Neurotic” and 10 songs full of Brit-flavored thud, stopping the clock on all the Fortune 500-favorite Blink 182s of the world. [Dr. Strange]


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