Sun City Girls CDs reviewed [Abduction]

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Sun City Girls CDs reviewed [Abduction]
Jun 1, 2000, 02:34

SUN CITY GIRLS Carnival Folklore Resurrection, Vols 1-4  CDs

Four CDs worth of head-scratching material that shows the Girls at their most demented. The first two, Cameo Demons and Their Manifestations, and The Dreamy Draw sound as if you stumbled across an old hobo encampment a few miles outside of town. The trains have been absent for years now, but none of the old codgers have seemed to notice. They spend their days collecting twigs and scraps to start small fires with and then wander around searching for birds that have fallen out of the sky, along with grubs and berries that carry a slightly hallucinogenic property. As the sun sets, they combine their daily collection into one big pot. As it slowly cooks and bubbles, the bums spin tales of grand travels and big paydays. After the soup is eaten, the sky lights up in their minds eye and the language becomes something primordial and ancient, the world spins around them until only the whites of their eyes are visible and they collapse into the dirt and mud... Superculto, the third is almost recognizable as a human creation. Some evolution has taken place; the present day is not corrupted by the past. The fourth, A Bullet Through The Last Temple is truly the only musical listening in the group. These tracks can actually be called songs and are graspable by even non-fans. Could it be because the first three are recorded live and the last in the studio? It is not for me to question, just observe and take notes. [Abduction]

-Les Scurry

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