The American Boys BOOK review [Kent Harrington]

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The American Boys BOOK review [Kent Harrington]
Jun 1, 2000, 23:22

THE AMERICAN BOYS by Kent Harrington; Dennis McMillan, 2000

The American Boys is a spy-thriller that introduces us to CIA operative Alex Law toward the end of his career. Alex Law has changed the fate of nations almost single-handedly during his tenure as a CIA operative. If you find that last sentence absurd, then this book may not be for you. In order to entirely enjoy this book you will need to suspend your disbelief.

Alex Law has made a lot of enemies in the agency through the years. He is a man of power, but he is also a man hated by several of his colleagues. Hated so much that one of them has married his ex-wife and is hell-bent on destroying Alex's life while in the meantime carrying out a plot to assassinate the President.

Admittedly, I have not read much writing in the spy or espionage genre, so perhaps I needed to settle in to what seemed like overly dramatic characters and an over-the-top plot. I had a hard time getting into this book at first, but eventually found myself looking forward to reading it. As strange as it may sound, I find it easier to relate to and believe the plots of Hong Kong action films than I do the plots of Hollywood action movies. In Hong Kong films the tension and conflict is always of a more personal nature: revenge, personal justice, protecting a single life, etc. In Hollywood action movies it seems that American audiences want to see the world saved every time they buy a ticket: Aliens are invading, the asteroid will destroy the earth, the President is going to be shot. I think what redeemed this book for me was the personal conflict and tensions between Alex Law and the agent who has set out to destroy him. Jealousy, hatred, and revenge on a personal level. As absurd as this may sound, the book's Presidential assassination plotline very much takes a backseat to the personal conflict between Alex and his nemesis.

There is something intangibly appealing about this book, and if you like a good thriller, I think you will enjoy it.

-Eric Frost

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