The Tape BOOK review [Jason Pettus]

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The Tape BOOK review [Jason Pettus]
Dec 15, 2000, 03:35

THE TAPE by Jason Pettus, GAD Publishing, 2000

The correspondence that arrived with Jason Pettus' chapbook The Tape describes it as a “graphic parody of the male fantasy letters found in adult magazines.” Where the element of parody enters in totally escapes me.

It's an adequately writ dirty story. Provoked by a dare, one teenaged girl enlists two cronies to watch their first porn video e trois. Two seconds into the viewing they start stripping, masturbating, heavy petting, and performing cunnilingus on one another. And? I'm sure this was fun and perhaps therapeutic for the author. I don't argue with the utility of written porn for educating inquiring young minds. But there are no discernible points of departure from standard porn mag script or literateness.

And as usual I'd warrant there's a lot of misleading information about what females find erotic, exciting, and enjoyable. Esp. in a portal experience. Ya got three virgins here, two wind up jamming their hands up each other's coochies, and the third getting dildoed apparently without encountering, breaching, and rupturing any hymenic tissue. No blood, no pain. Fantasy indeed. [GAD Publishing, 4119 N. Kenmore #309, Chicago, IL 60613]

-Howard W

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