Voices from a Locked Room FILM review

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Voices from a Locked Room FILM review
Dec 17, 2006, 05:37

VOICES FROM A LOCKED ROOM directed by Malcom Clarke, Columbia Tristar, 2000

Great premise. Terrible movie. Set in 1930s London, Voices from a Locked Room focuses on music critic Philip Heseltine, who seems to live to write scathing reviews of modern classical composer Peter Warlock. Heseltine can't say enough bad things about the work of this London recluse, yet that doesn't stop him from going to every performance of Warlock's work, seemingly, just so he can lodge another terrible review. Eventually Warlock strikes back and begins by killing Heseltine's cats. The film's dark twist is that Heseltine and Warlock are in fact the same person. A schizophrenic condition that stems from an overly-concerned father's attempt to steer his son away from a life of art has backfired when it turns the son into a schizoid freak. As good as this all sounds, the film is just lousy. It is plagued by bad flapper acting, miscast 90s facial hair, a newsie yelling ‘Xtra, Xtra, read all about it,' an unnecessary jaunt to the English countryside to motivate the requisite “sex on a train” scene, and more crap like that. It might appeal to the brown leatherette armchair crowd, but that's about it.

I would, however, like to see a remake set in the '90s indie rock scene. The thought of the members of the Offspring or the likes of Trent Reznor stalking zine-scene critics makes the mind wobble.

-Danny Plotnick

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