Abe GRAPHIC NOVEL review [Glenn Dakin]

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Abe GRAPHIC NOVEL review [Glenn Dakin]
Jan 1, 2002, 14:40

by Glenn Dakin; Top Shelf Productions, 2001

Georgia based publisher Top Shelf Productions presents a compendium of installments from an autobiographical comic that originated in a college paper and graduated to the realm of small-press publishing.

Abe is a reflective idealist whose fundamental needs in life are canned beer, phonograph records, and a football to kick along any path that leads to a beach or riverbank. Such an uncomplicated existence may be easily attained but author Glenn Dakin¡¦s nonconformist protagonist feels isolated and that he may as well exist on another planet or the lost island of Atlantis. In early episodes Abe¡¦s internal conflicts are exaggerated and require the intervention of superheroes and supervillians but as his perspective is broadened by experiences obtained during world travel (some of which is documented here in travelogue form) his ruminations take the form of dialogue that occurs during simple interactions between friends. Abe personified would probably be a frustratingly self-absorbed companion but confined to simple ink drawings, the duality of his disillusioned yet optimistic nature is inspiring if not heroic.

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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