Adios Muchachos BOOK review [Daniel Chavarria]

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Adios Muchachos BOOK review [Daniel Chavarria]
May 1, 2001, 15:56

ADIOS MUCHACHOS by Daniel Chavarria; Akashic Press, 2001

The first novel in English translation by Uruguayan author Daniel Chavarria is suggestive of William T. Vollman if he were to write pulp fiction rather than sprawling quasi-historical narratives. Cuban cutie call girl Alicia has a surefire plan to bag a millionaire for a steady relationship but shortly after executing her plan to perfection she finds her client's motives are not as they first seemed. The two instead enter a mutually beneficial agreement that allows her to maintain a lavish lifestyle while he enterprises a way to prospect for sunken treasure in Cuban territory. Up to this point Chavarria's novel is reasonably plausible, then the reactions of the co-conspirators to an accidental death cause the plot to veer toward mondo-styled fiction that is reminiscent of Jim Thompson or Ed Wood. This smartly written book contains a subtext that references Cuban economics in the early '90s but does so in a way that is harmonious with the salaciously entertaining antics of Chavarria's principals.

- Jeffrey L. Ouch

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