Daniel Carter/Reuben Radding CD review [Aum Fidelity]

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Daniel Carter/Reuben Radding CD review [Aum Fidelity]
Feb 18, 2003, 22:41


Yet another worthwhile release on the essential AUM Fidelity imprint, Luminescence is a duo session that pairs multi-instrumental New York giant Daniel Carter (here on alto sax) with bassist Reuben Radding. Carter should need little introduction, as a member of free jazz super-groups Test and Other Dimensions in Music (both on the AUM roster); Radding has been kicking around for a number of years, first in New York (with Zorn, Ribot, Elliot Sharp, and Roy Campbell), then Seattle, and, once again, New York. Having played together frequently in the mid-90s, the two had often discussed the making of such a record as this, and were finally able to do it in 2001 in Seattle, thanks to an arts grant which got Carter out to the coast. A set of live and studio tracks, the album opens tentatively, taking a few tunes before a real exchange gets going. But by track four, “Blessing the Ride,” the previously mournful tones of Carter's alto give way to percolating obligatos and prodding pokes that bring out a more connective presence from Radding—then we get some dialogue. (This may be why tracks 5-7, the studio cuts—recorded a couple of days later—are the strongest.) I'm sure these guys have once again gone their separate ways since they cut this, but I hope it's not too long before they try another duo disc. I have a feeling it would be even better. [AUM Fidelity]

-Peter Aaron

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