Etiquette For Outlaws BOOK review

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Etiquette For Outlaws BOOK review
May 1, 2001, 03:03

ETIQUETTE FOR OUTLAWS by Rob Cohen and David Wollock; Harper Collins, 2001

Always wondered how much to tip your local tattoo artist? Never knew how to behave in a strip club? Dying to know the protocol for swinging? Rob Cohen and David Wollock could now answer all of your burning questions: a Miss Manners-like duo who provide rules for deviant behavior. Etiquette for Outlaws is the definitive handbook for those who fear they will offend even those who seem likely to never take offense. Did you ever think that you would piss off a hooker if you didn't tip her? Me neither, until I read this book. Now I tip at least 10 percent each time I feel that the service was good. My overall behavior at the Fetish Ball has improved greatly since I've been schooled on the dos and don'ts. Even my mistress has complimented me, a rarity for her, on how I conduct myself in her presence. I've taken how to hold my cigarette to the next level thanks to the tips found in Etiquette for Outlaws. I'm going to leave my copy in the bathroom so that my guests can read that it's never cool to leave a toilet clogged without notifying the host.

-Troy Brookins

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