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Girlfight DVD review
Mar 27, 2001, 05:25

GIRLFIGHT directed by Karyn Kusama; 2001 Sony

Girl power is a premise rooted in the feminization of our culture which holds hands with Title IV idiocy, among other misguided premises. As a member of the cloven gender, I'm all ears as far as the propaganda that puts men down. Man bad, woman good, which is being taught to gullible young people nationwide.

Girlfight is based on such a premise, that any girl can do what a man can at all times, everywhere, although we notice that females do not step into the ring with men, wisely so, of course.

The drama of Girlfight banks on us believing that Diana Guzman (played by the amateurish Michelle Rodriguez) can stave off a bad home life by duking it out at the local boxing club. A poor supposition is made even worse by her predictable romance with a fellow fighter.

There are numerous jabs at males during the movie, the predictably abusive father (in an Hispanic home, I would take offense were I a member of LULAC) and the macho boys with little to offer any strong female.

While I'm here, I may as well note that Miss Rodriguez appeared in the recent fashion insert of the New York Times. She is so impressed with Washington Square Park: “You can have a really great conversation with a bum, it's like, amazing.”

She could take her sheltered ass down to the local mission and really knock herself out, I suppose.

Back to the problem at hand: The cloying cover of this video shows a low-brow, scowling Rodriguez with her Everlasts held chin high. A joke to say the least.


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