Greed and Stuff BOOK review

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Greed and; Stuff BOOK review
Feb 1, 2001, 05:32

GREED & STUFF by Jay S. Russell; Minotaur Books, 2001

Littered with pop culture references, Greed & Stuff is Hollywood noir in the same comical vein as Jen Banbury's Like a Hole in the Head. Marty Burns is a former child actor, and ex PI, who has been blessed with a second chance in a Fox television series. Everything is going well for Burns until a poker acquaintance, Hall Emerson, asks for a favor; find the missing footage from a classic noir film that Emerson's father helped write. Burns passes the request off as a drunken rambling until Emerson ends up dead, the victim of an apparent suicide. Feeling compelled to find the missing footage, Burns sets off into the world of backroom Hollywood deals that have more to do with ego and self promotion than anything else. The cast of characters Burns encounters runs from a former screenwriter turned biker to the aging, blacklisted MacArthur Stans and his trophy girlfriend. The search for altruism in a world where truth and fiction are often spoken about synonymously leads Burns to find more than just missing celluloid. Russell creates a fast read that's centered around a hilarious send-up of Hollywood stiffs who care more about restaurant location than life itself. Relying on the notion that bad press is better than no press, Greed & Stuff exposes what we've known about Hollywood all along.

-Troy Brookins

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