RIGHT AS RAIN by George P. Pelecanos

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RIGHT AS RAIN by George P. Pelecanos
Feb 1, 2001, 03:24

RIGHT AS RAIN by George P. Pelecanos; Little, Brown & Co., 2001

Pelecanos, having retired Nick Stefanos, Dimitri Kerras, and Marcus Clay, hits the DC streets with his latest gumshoe Derek Strange. Strange is a middle-aged ex cop who now runs his own private detective agency, and he has been hired by the mother of a dead cop, Chris Wilson, to sort out the truth behind her son's murder. Wilson was killed by another cop, but Terry Quinn was cleared in a police investigation. Quinn can't shake the accusations that Wilson's shooting was racially motivated. Together, Strange and Quinn set out to find the truth and end up discovering a world of drug dealing and police corruption that have more to do with the death of Chris Wilson than the issue of race. There isn't a living, hardboiled crime writer who can touch the ability to create a believable story line like Pelecanos. Right as Rain is the real deal. His characters are always believable because Pelecanos sets them up so well. He uses detail and description that bring these characters to life in ways that other writers overlook. He uses the common ground of musical taste to give you an idea of where his characters are coming from. He lets them breathe. This is why Pelecanos is being hailed as the new voice of hard-boiled fiction—there's no one better.

-Troy Brookins

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