Ripping Friends DVD review

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Ripping Friends DVD review
May 7, 2002, 19:25

RIPPING FRIENDS VOLS. 1 & 2 DVD created by John Kricfalusi; Trimark/Lion's Gate 2001

Anyone who has seen more than two minutes of a Ren & Stimpy cartoon will instantly recognize the animation of Ripping Friends, the trademark-Spumco amplified mélange of hot trash coloring, Chuck Jones mannerisms, episodes of Fat Albert (Brown Hornet to be sure) and Captain Klutz comics from Mad magazine. Ren & Stimpy had its moments; enjoying Ripping Friends on any level beyond superficial admiration of its drawing is nigh impossible. The gimmick at play is the Ripping family, a collection of four superhero brothers (one quite literally, as in “saaaaay man!”) who get off on pain, their read-between-the-lines transgender mother and some science experiment gimp by the name of Jimmy The Idiot Boy. It would take a superb lack of effort and talent to not find one interesting thing to do with that scenario, but if interested in giving it a go, here's some advice: filling up a script with repeated use of the word “turd” and not much else, save for the running gag of opposable buttocks, will go quite some distance towards that goal. Four episodes of said turd (presumably aired at one time or another on cable television) can presently be found in your face on DVD. Play poker instead. [Trimark/Lion's Gate]

-David Wilcox

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