Rock Salt and Glissandos BOOK review [Steve Fisher]

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Rock Salt and Glissandos BOOK review [Steve Fisher]
Dec 16, 2001, 03:55

ROCK SALT AND GLISSANDOS: STORIES AND PGEMS by Steve Fisher; Synaesthesia Press, 2001

The late Steve Fisher was a mass of clichés and contradictions. He was a drug addict, a prisoner, and a writer. He was a piano tuner by trade, one who did too many drugs and wound up in prison. He got clean, slid back into addiction. OD'd. Probably on purpose. He owned very little, but bought, sold and traded books with other collectors. He developed a large and somewhat valuable collection of Bukowski, Harry Crews, and Nelson Algren.

In the last years of his life, he gained some notoriety and racked up an impressive list of publishing credits in such respected journals as Triquarterly and Shenandoah.

And now, ten years after Steve Fisher's death, Synaesthesia Press has released this chapbook of his poetry and fiction about the prison world. It proves his talent.

Barry Gifford, author of Wild at Heart, called Fisher a “flaming angel genius,” and if that sounds like a bit of high praise, you need to read his work. It's possible his oeuvre may prove to be more than just another tragic footnote from the literary canon.

-Trinity Canty

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