Space Monsterwars Beyond Pluto COMIC BOOK review [Sholtis/Behan/Larrey]

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Space Monsterwars Beyond Pluto COMIC BOOK review [Sholtis/Behan/Larrey]
Dec 15, 2001, 03:51

SPACE MONSTERWAR BEYOND PLUTO by Jason Sholtis, Craig Behan, and John Larrey; Dimension Z, 2001

I thought that Dimension Z was dead. I thought that the brilliant progenitors of the Monster Wars chronicles had gone the way of the Dodo. Imagine my pleasure when, well into the bleak mid-winter, I received in the mail confirmation that I was gleefully misinformed: a new chapter in the saga of the monster wars that began with the following invocation: “Attention children and halfwits of all ages! If you wish to avoid ego-shattering revelations of cosmic terror that could forever destroy your already slim chances of leading a ‘normal' life, put down this document and seek the council of your legal guardian, for those foolish enough to be tantalized by the above admonition, brace yourselves as I, the unknown orator, acting as your omniscient narrator, submit the following tale for your contemplation.” Ah the sweet sounds of schlock. I've sung the praises of the boys at Dimension Z enough over the past few years that loyal readers should already be familiar with their Godzilla inspired stories. These hard-to-find cult classics remain the only legitimate heirs to the holocaust monster tales of the post-Nagasaki era.

The latest installment begins where the last left off. The Colossal Spaceman's rescue signal is picked-up on the Colossal planet, whose colossal denizens immediately launch a rescue mission. The rescue ship is spotted by the space crabs of planet Kontrabulor, the Colossal Spacemen's archenemies. The Kontrabulorians launch an attack to the rescue mission and the Space Monsterwar Beyond Pluto begins. This is vintage stuff. While it may not top the infamous Colossal Monsterwar of 1976, it sure is fun to read, not least because it contains an ad for the next issue, which I can only hope will be out soon. Hey, this ongoing story is complex, convoluted, and possibly incomprehensible. But since back issues of the monster epics are hard to find, we'll never really know until they're all collected in one place. Will somebody please anthologize these beauties before they drift forever beyond the fold?

-Jason Cons

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