The Animal & Joe Dirt DVD reviews

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The Animal & Joe Dirt DVD reviews
Aug 28, 2001, 16:44

THE ANIMAL directed by Luke Greenfield; Columbia, 2001 JOE DIRT directed by Dennie Gordon; Columbia, 2001

I don't get how you could sit your ass in front of the television and watch films by Godard, Truffaut or Cassavetes. How boring. Give me lowbrow humor and pizza. Throw in a twelve-pack and there you have it; instant Neanderthal bliss. The humor that I refer to would be the summer not so blockbusters that you pass over to see the high art of Gladiator.  Fortunately for me, today's double feature stars former SNL alumni Rob Schneider and David Spade. The Animal features Rob Schneider a s a happy-go-lucky, bumbling idiot with an overbearing desire to prove he's something. He longs to serve law enforcement and fantasizes about the overnight leap from 98-pound weakling to Johnny Weissmuller. When evidence clerk Marvin Mange (Schneider) decides to be a hero, his life takes an unexpected turn. A freak accident leaves Mange in need of several organ transplants, only to have animal parts used to replace his damaged body. What comes next is a Six-Million Dollar Man meets Dr. Doolittle comic explosion that, believe it or not, won't lower your intelligence any more than a few bong hits. Not quite as funny as the gut busting Deuce Bigalow, and no where near the brilliance of Adam Sandler films, The Animal does rise above the drek that passes for juvenile humor these days.  

Speaking of middle school mentality, David Spade stars in Joe Dirt, a highly underrated comic tale of what happens when little white trash grows up and falls in love with an out-of-his-league hottie. Hilarious is what happens.  Joe Dirt is prodded into telling his life story to a talk radio host, played by Dennis Miller, and thousands of listeners. We watch the pathetic life of Joe Dirt unfold as a tale of abandonment and rejection, spiked with a ton of bad luck, only to discover that Joe's inner spirit outshines his dejected personality and you just can't help but fall in love with the guy.

These movies are based on the simple premise where the underdog gets his Polly Purebred in the end. It ain't easy, but he gets his reward in the end for basically being a nice guy. This is the type of good-natured storytelling sure helps your girlfriend stomach all the cheap fart jokes. Maybe you should save these two for ladies' night out.

-Troy Brookins

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