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Bailey CD review [Breakbeat Science]
Sep 24, 2002, 17:28

BAILEY Soul Thunder CD

London drum 'n' bass master Bailey kicks things off with a spacey little interlude from Sonic & Silver on Soul Thunder, his first major foray from the clubs into the recording studio. The album's first few minutes feel a little pedestrian, a little too acid-jazzy considering that Bailey has built a worldwide reputation as one of the most furious forces on the jungle and drum 'n' bass scene.

However, a little bit of patience goes a long way with this one. The disc picks up speed and edge as it heads into the midsection with another, much harder track by Sonic & Silver—“On the Anson”—that lifts the energy with urgent drumming and spooky electronic horns floating across the top. The onset of Freak's “Dylan” launches the disc into hypnotic—if sometime too repetitive—overdrive.  It's clear that Bailey knows how to peel back a record to find the darkest, hardest sounds.

This DJ's fans seem to think his best work is performed live behind the decks in a sweaty nightclub sometime just before dawn. But this sampling demonstrates that Bailey is learning the studio, too. [Breakbeat Science]

-Michael Coleman

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