Big Boys CD review [Gern Blandsten]

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Big Boys CD review [Gern Blandsten]
Nov 19, 2002, 17:43

BIG BOYS Wreck Collection CD

Were I a Big Boys fan, I would scrape the sky with praise for this 34-song collection, which includes live material, practice tapes, songs on comps, singles; it is the Big Boys completist's dream. Their punk rock take on funk never played in my place, though.

But I'll tell you what did.

In April, 1982, the Bad Brains came to stay at a house I was living at in Lansing, MI. It was part of the punk rock motel circuit, bands couch surfed around the country because the music didn't pay enough to afford a real room. No big deal, it was social and most of the time pleasant. They arrived on a Monday and were gracious guests for the week, doing some shows around Michigan. They cooked and cleaned, practiced in the basement and read the Bible. They especially smoked freely from a decent sized stash.

A couple weeks later, I was told that some of that stash came from the singer for the Big Boys, who was gay, which is a bad thing in the Bad Brain's Rastafarian world. Their Bible told them so. This had many people upset at the Bad Brains, and justifiably so. They'll answer for it at some point.

I can flash forward to today, when so many are defending Islam as a religion of peace. The Koran, chapter 22, verse 102, “the day when the trumpet is blown. On that day we assemble the guilty white-eyed (with terror).” [Gern Blandsten]


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