C. Gibbs & The Cardia Bros. CD review [Rubric]

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C. Gibbs & The Cardia Bros. CD review [Rubric]
Oct 1, 2002, 20:47


C. GIBBS & THE CARDIA BROS. The Pinkermen Set CD

Music biz veteran sesh man Christian Gibbs—who played guitar in 90s-era Modern English, the Morning Glories and touring bands for Foetus and Dave Vanian's Phantom Chords—first debuted as a solo songwriter on Atlantic Records with the alt-country TV-soundtrack ready C. Gibbs Review. Now, severed from the WEA teat and opening slots for John “fucking” Mellencamp and Everclear, Gibbs cuts loose to record… yet more pedestrian Adult Alternative alt-country reminiscent of the cheesy weepy tunes you'd hear as lead out to commercial breaks on television drama series like Dawson's Creek. Gibbs' vocals sound like Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano doing his best impression of Harvest-era Neil Young and the music sounds like Camper Van Beethoven and Wilco. So, it's all catchy and formulaic sounding—I'd swear I've heard the opener “Oversized Pin-Cushion” somewhere before—but the band and production is so slick and subdued that I couldn't care less about the music's emotional impact. It just makes me think there's a commercial coming up and I've got time to go grab another beer. [Rubric/ Eastern Spurs]

-Dave Clifford

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