Carissa's Wierd CD review [Sad Robot]

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Carissa's Wierd CD review [Sad Robot]
Aug 6, 2002, 20:12


CARISSA'S WIERD Songs About Leaving CD

Sure, it's easy to draw comparisons to Elliott Smith in the whispered, wounded pop of Carissa's Wierd (sic). But, the Seattle quintet's similarities to Smith are largely superficial: somber, hushed-breathy vocal harmonies, diary-confession lyrics, acoustic guitars backed by lush orchestral overtures, and a Pacific Northwest origin. But, the group with the intentionally misspelled name crafts bleak and sorrowful songs without Smith's Anglophile pop lilt. At times, the words can get overly cloying and emo when the music's emotional power ought to speak for itself. However, the band's genuinely captivating and beautifully gloomy songs are sure to endure, despite any accusations of imitation. [Sad Robot]

-Dave Clifford

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