Cave-In GRAPHIC NOVEL review

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Cave-In GRAPHIC NOVEL review
Jan 9, 2002, 20:40


CAVE-IN by Brian Ralph; Highwater Books, 2002

This is a re-release of this excellent wordless storybook tale of a small, primitive man (a mole-man, perhaps) and his journey through a world filled with odd creatures and even stranger adventures. Brian Ralph's simple but emotion-filled drawings bring a child-like feeling to a clearly adult story. The man finds food (provided by corpses), is eaten by a giant worm-monster, finds (then loses, to a cave-in) a parental figure in a mummified man fresh out a tomb and finally returns to his hovel to sleep 'til another day. The emotion of each scene is clear, the tale is vivid and each section stands on it own. Best of all, the dialogue is all yours to make up as you see fit and that makes it worth viewing over and over again.

-Wm. Christman

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