City of Bones BOOK review [Michael Connelly]

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City of Bones BOOK review [Michael Connelly]
Apr 1, 2002, 23:46

CITY OF BONES by Michael Connelly; Little, Brown & Co., 2002

Connelly's best at what is called the police procedural and in the current field there are few who match him at it. This is what I think is either the tenth or eleventh book in as many years and once again it features his main protagonist, Harry Bosch. All of Connelly's books are worth reading, but his stand-alone novels and the last couple of Bosch books Trunk Music and Angel's Flight suffered from some softening and saw the guy losing a bit of the steely edge of his earlier novels. Fortunately City of Bones jumps back to the speed the Bosch series peaked at last with The Last Coyote, delving deeper into the guy's tortured psyche, just the way I like it. The only misstep is a love interest with an outcome telegraphed so far out that you can't help to know what's coming. Nonetheless, Connelly is king when it comes to keeping his details straight and there are few writers in the game better at character development. Bottom line: whether it's his softer fare or a sure-fire grinder like this one, it's nice to see somebody transcending the genre by taking it into the best seller's list. Pick it up and while you're at it, be on the lookout this summer for Connelly's Blood Work to hit the silver screen. It is the first of his books to be adapted to film and will star Clint Eastwood. Could be really good if it stays true to the source. I for one am thrilled, but considering the Hollywood track record, I approach with cautious reserve.

-Peter Davis

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