Contract Killer DVD review

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Contract Killer DVD review
Jul 30, 2002, 22:08

CONTRACT KILLER directed by Wei Tung; Sony, 2002

Some flicks are meant to be funny. Some are existentially funny. Contract Killer is both—so much so that you don't know when you're laughing with it or at it. Reissued on video last year (to cash in on the Jet Li hype surrounding Romeo Must Die) this 1998 yarn tells the story of a clumsy dope who somehow manages to gain the reputation of the “King of Killers” in the Japanese underworld. I say somehow because the guy looks and acts like he couldn't hurt a woozy flea. Yet, the Yakuza declare him most wanted man. That's when Jet Li comes in. A hit man himself, he sets out to find and exterminate a gaggle of gangsters. OK, so the plot doesn't make much sense, but there are some sadistic killers scenes. If you like death on an elevator, guys getting tossed through windows and duels in which martial arts freaks rise from what seems like certain death to punch, kick and fall again—this is for you. And if you find the typical spoofery that comes with the dopey lead funny—this is for you. And if you find ridiculously inept overdubbing charming—this is for you. How inept? Try saying the film's original title, “Sat sau ji wong” as your lips move to Contract Killer. See, it isn't easy.

-John Petkovic

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