Country Teasers CD review [In The Red]

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Country Teasers CD review [In The Red]
Jun 18, 2002, 22:32

COUNTRY TEASERS Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire CD

At the risk of displaying the kind of nose-in-the-air bullshit that I hate reading in record reviews, I will state with sincere honesty that I've long felt like one of the few voices in the tiny choir that sings the praises of this outfit's unsurpassed brand of divine stupidity. But it's a pretty hip choir, as the tastemakers at Crypt, Fat Possum, and now, In The Red have so ably proven.

Head 'Teaser Ben Wallers' grouchy, perverted William Burroughs-in-a-rock band schtick is funnier than Mark E. Smith's (as is usually noted in reviews, The Fall, along with Pussy Galore, Joy Division, and honky-tonk country are this combo's most obvious sources of inspiration), and the band's drunken brand of stumbling, jilted and wilted shambolic waltzes never gets old. In recent years, Wallers' muse has drawn from heretofore unlikely sources like electronica and hip-hop; check the insane cover of Ice Cube's “We Had to Tear This Mothefucker Up” and the hilarious field day of cheesy club/dance drum machine-action on the opener, “Compressor.”

If you're already one of the proud few, Science Hat… is a shelf-pleasing roundup of out-of-print singles and comp tracks, along with some demos and a couple of new things. If you've ever been curious (or are now), it is indeed an excellent place to start. [In The Red]

-Peter Aaron

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