David Cross CD review [Sub Pop]

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David Cross CD review [Sub Pop]
Nov 5, 2002, 22:34

DAVID CROSS Shut Up You Fucking Baby CD

When comedian David Cross opens his mouth, he sounds like a whiny little pussy. He's the guy who definitely got his ass kicked in high school, but then again he was a derisive, gay, small Jewish kid roaming the halls of the Georgia public school system. What did he expect? However, I'd bet his smart-ass bromides might have saved him a couple of beatings, as well. A funny guy can always find a friend. 

Cross riffs on some familiar turf—religion, regional differences, rednecks. He has a “me-against-them” vibe that's funny for a while. But the whole affair leaves you thinking that he's a bit of self-righteous prick. I like him best on this disc when he's exposing the utter condescension and hypocrisy of Bush, Cheney and the boys. And he roasts regional quirks with near equal opportunity 

“The South has a certain kind of ignorance that is deeper and truer and more steadfast than any other part of the country—for a lack of a better term—let's just call it “Southern Baptist,” Cross says. As a guy still recovering from my Southern Baptist upbringing, I found that funny as hell. But too often, you get the feeling Cross is laughing at you, not with you. It kinda makes you want to kick his ass—when you get done snickering. [Sub Pop]

-Michael Coleman

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