Doug Stanhope CD review [Stand Up!]

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Doug Stanhope CD review [Stand Up!]
Aug 20, 2002, 02:40



Politically correct is not a term found in comedian Doug Stanhope's vocabulary and that's what makes him special. He's the voice for all of you who don't have the balls to say it like it is. He's also the funniest guy on the planet and that's coming from someone who hates comedians. Why is Stanhope so fucking funny? He's brutally honest, he's potentially offensive, he's smart, he calls people on their shit, and I tend to agree with Stanhope's dead honest social commentary. He takes on DUI laws, public smoking laws, abortion, drugs, Jesus, sexual abuse, school shootings, and many other non-socially acceptable topics. It's what Stanhope has to say about these topics that sets him apart from other comedians who only dance around the subject for fear of not being invited to sit next to Jay Leno. I'm sure Stanhope doesn't give a fuck about the Tonight Show or any venue that would surely censor him and that's why I love him. [Stand Up!]

-Troy Brookins

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