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Feederz CD review [Broken Rekkids]
Oct 15, 2002, 03:30


FEEDERZ Vandalism: Beautiful as a Rock in a Cop's Face CD

Oh you rat-faced rabble-rouser Frank Discussion! Bless you and your truly dadaist destructo-punk and timelessly timely rage that refuses to age (the last album in 1987 celebrated the space shuttle Challenger explosion, this one mocks the self-congratulatory grandstanding in the wake of Sept 11th).

Tritely concerned with the obviously asinine, absurd and sensibly forgettable world of mainstream American pop (shop) culture, politics and religion, Feederz continue to exist over 20 years on as a seldom needed, yet comforting reminder of what most of us renounced when discovering like-minded individuals making punk rock. Fuck shopping malls? Check. Fuck politicians? Check. Fuck Starbucks Venti-mocha? Check. Fuck Jesus? Loved it, came twice. Fuck record labels up in arms over MP3 swapping? Well, yeah…but do we really need an anthem about it? I guess that's the dopey, ranting charm of Feederz—blind rage about everything all the time, and if its current news when the album's being made, you can expect a song about it.

My biggest fear before putting this CD in the player (wait—fuck CDs!) was that somehow Frank Discussion and his ever-revolving rhythm section would have gone soft or, even worse, gone hardcore. Nope. The ringing and ragged single-coil Telecaster guitar tone sounds EXACTLY the same as it did on the ever-loveable blaspheme heard 'round the world in 1981, “Jesus Entering From the Rear.” And, if the songs aren't nearly as classic as “1984” or “Games” from Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? then I must surely have sold out to the retro-reminiscent cash-in recycling of, um, having that record in my collection since the mid-80s.

Nonetheless, Vandalism is rife with the snide humor, catchy songs and unadorned candor that made the Feederz such a rare and valuable commodity in the underground marketplace overloaded with staunch moral stances. “Break it All” is a thoroughly convincing plea for complete anarchy that most likely even if the audience tore apart and destroyed the band's equipment while they played the song, Discussion would be utterly pleased. And, if the band were up-in-arms about their own rage turned against them, it's the entirely SELFISH form of antipathy and desire that Feederz embrace which makes it all the more fun and relevant than the level-headed tea-sipping epistemology of anarcho-refuseniks like Crass or Chumbawamba. “Fuck You” is a strangely unexplained diatribe against former Meat Puppets guitarist/vocalist Curt Kirkwood as gleaned from lines like: “you know you're just Polygram's ho/ Who set up your bro/ So I'll just kick your eyes adrift/ Now copyright this you little tick/ Fuck You.” Perhaps some residual resentment lingering toward Discussion's former Phoenix contemporary? Whatever. Random resentment, decentralized chaos and unfiltered rage is the Feederz modus operandi.

Excelsior, gentlemen, fuck shit up! But, don't touch my stuff or seriously, I'd carve your eyeballs out with an icepick. [Broken Rekkids]

-P. Nongrata

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