Funkadelic CD reissues review [Priority]

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Funkadelic CD reissues review [Priority]
Jul 16, 2002, 04:11

FUNKADELIC Hardcore Jollies (1976); Uncle Jam Wants You (1979); One Nation Under a Groove (1978); The Electric Spanking of War Babies (1980) CD reissues

Detroit, 1970, it was about the MC5, the Stooges, the new Brit shit hitting the halls, and it wasn't about the funk. But George Clinton wasn't counting fans, he was too busy making noise. What freaks Funkadelic is the forever-influential production values that prize stereo effect over sound, ensuring a trippy ride. By fusing jazz, psychedelia and soul, Clinton created a roving troupe of soundsters that had one foot in the black churches and acid-head sensibilities when it came to chops. It was a heavy, quick, and confrontational free-form blast.

Eddie Hazel, not Clinton, was the guts of the operation, a wild-assed guitarist who refused to obey any rules, thus the frequent comparisons to Hendrix and Pete Cosey. Hazel left in 1972, replaced by Michael Hampton who did a decent job and whose work graces these CDs.

Funkadelic mashed the based/bassed out psych with uptown, Woodward hood bounce-beats and the only complaint is that having more than two of these—One Nation... probably the most predictable, Hard Core Jollies the most disjointed and surprising—and you've got most of what you need. As long as you have Maggot Brain somewhere, you'll be fine. [Priority]


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