Greg Goodman/Henry Kaiser/Lukas Ligeti CD review [Ecstatic Yod]

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Greg Goodman/Henry Kaiser/Lukas Ligeti CD review [Ecstatic Yod]
Oct 31, 2002, 22:45


Easily the loosest jazz disc I've heard in a heck of a long time—all super-slack rubber band guitar and bass, roiling, soused drumming, and plinking piano like a bucket of coins dumped on the floor. The light-touched, Cecil Taylor-inspired Goodman has recorded, on and off, with Kaiser since the 70s, but Austrian-born drummer Lukas Ligeti is an awesome, exciting revelation to these ears. The man is truly adept at using his whole kit, while also leaving acres of room for the rest of the crew to breathe; a true master of rolling, wave-like dynamics. Lengthy workouts like the aptly-titled “War & Peace” (22:49), or the opener “Logical Types”(14:44), never get dull, due in no small part to this genius, who really knows when to lay off and when to egg on. Special mention should also be made of the closer, “Blind Site,” a deconstructed riff on “Three Blind Mice,” which features some quasi-Mexican motifs from Kaiser and many wonderful Eric Satie-inspired moments by Goodman. [Ecstatic Yod]

-Peter Aaron

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