Hudson Bell CD review [Upperworks]

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Hudson Bell CD review [Upperworks]
Jun 11, 2002, 15:24

HUDSON BELL Captain of the Old Girls CD

Hudson Bell seems like a nice Southern boy who, when not making records, spends time on the porch drinking lemonade and iced tea with his neighbors. He's the kind of guy that girls could bring home without the worry of dad going nuts since Bell looks like he'd be far more comfortable in an accounting firm than on stage. His music, especially the storytelling aspect, falls easily alongside John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats), David Berman (Silver Jews), and Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel). Bell should have no trouble making a name for his self as soon as word gets out that there is an incredible singer/songwriter lurking around the streets of San Francisco refusing to let go of the southern landscape that shaped him. In fact, I'm surprised that Bell never found himself embraced by the Elephant 6 collective, but then again, he doesn't really cultivate the unconventional pop aesthetic that most of their roster is molded after. Not to say that Bell is conventional in his approach, in fact he's definitely got his own thing going. He creates an original blend of down home tales spun with an atmosphere of sounds that play off one another creating a pop otherworld without overdoing it. The sound is striking and works well when played against his laid back delivery. Captain of the Old Girls is something that more people should take the time to discover since Bell has delivered a gem that's solidly refreshing and pure. [Upperworks]

-Troy Brookins

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