John Abercrombie CD review [ECM]

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John Abercrombie CD review [ECM]
Feb 26, 2002, 02:39


The first half of John Abercrombie's latest recording is a string-centric exhibition of compositions that celebrate a communion between Abercrombie and violinist Mark Feldman. The two exchange solos and collaborate on musical themes while drummer Joey Baron offers rhythmic accompaniment and double-bassist Marc Johnson provides an understated beat. The idyllic nature of the lengthier pieces that are placed at the beginning of the record enable the academic, chamber jazz feel of the splintered “Convolution” and the wholly improvised “Third Stream Samba” to take precedence but the heavy Baron backbeat that introduces “On The Loose” steers the combo into a pair of swinging blues and country numbers that provide levity before the program ends with “Show Of Hands” a multi-faceted improv that fades out as Baron plays a drum solo sans sticks. Abercrombie's reputation as an exact instrumentalist might suggest that his music rely heavily on technique for effect but in the tradition of his other releases on the ECM label, Cat 'n' Mouse showcases the efforts of his supporting cast to great effect. [ECM]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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