Kid Sniper CD review [High School Champion]

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Kid Sniper CD review [High School Champion]
Apr 16, 2002, 22:49

KID SNIPER Landlocked CD

Named for a Beach Boys record that never saw the light of day, Kid Sniper's Landlocked lives up to its title. The disc aims itself toward a lot of different places, but ultimately seems to wind up stuck in place. Landlocked runs through plenty of genres—electronica, lo-fi, new wave, jazz, space rock—you name it. But the problem is, the record don't seem to offer a mastery of any of them.

It's not all that bad, it's just not all that good, either. The band is self-assured and does hit a kind of sleepy groove from time-to-time. “3 P.M.” might be the only track that didn't have me itching to hit skip—or even change the disc. On a couple of tracks, that “beep-beep, boop-boop” synth sound made me think I was getting ready to rock down to Electric Avenue all over again. And maybe I was just bored, but when Jonathan Bunce starts with the vocals things get whiny and wimpy fast. Kid Sniper is better off when the occasionally smart, self-assured grooves do the talking. [High School Champion]

-Michael Coleman  

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