Mummydogs CD review [Frontier]

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Mummydogs CD review [Frontier]
Mar 5, 2002, 15:15


This is the long awaited post Thin White Rope project from former front man Guy Kyser. It was rumored that this record would never be made because Kyser's focus, as well as his wife/band mate Johanna, bounced between band and family. Whether the rumor was true or not Mummydogs has delivered a record, even if it only took six years. I could go on and on about how underrated and loved Thin White Rope was and how the break-up was very unfortunate, but we're here for a birth and not a funeral. The first track “Dark Green Car,” off the self-titled debut, picks up right where Kyser left us ten years ago, sucking us in with his moody, powerful rasp. Things have not really changed that much at all in terms of Kyser's approach. In fact, it's the Mummydogs' version of Johnny Thunders “Ask Me No Questions” that you hear on the Las Vegas commercial. The one stand out difference between Thin White Rope and Mummydogs is the contributions from Johanna Kyser especially on The Breeders-like track “Paul of the Jungle”. This both updates and somewhat softens the TWR sound and gives new life to Guy Kyser's tracks. It wouldn't surprise me if this record went virtually unnoticed outside of a handful of fans and that's unfortunate because Mummydogs has put together a fine record. [Frontier]

-Troy Brookins

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