Oneida CD review [Jagjaguwar]

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Oneida CD review [Jagjaguwar]
Oct 1, 2002, 16:43

ONEIDA Each One Teach One 2xCD

Okay, so the first disc clocks in at about 31 minutes and consists of 2 songs, both of which are specifically designed to cause innocent bystanders to claw at their ears. These repetitive, pounding, relentless sonic mind-pokers are of the sort that psyops stormtroopers employ when laying siege to holdouts and breaking up hostage situations. Disc 2 settles into a sound less likely to send productive members of society on extended personal leave, but no more likely to be hummed in the shower. This shaky, jittery sound is driven by the persistent squonks and squeals of various keyboard effects, accompanied by a driving rain of fuzz, ear-piercing noise-guitar strafings, creative beats, and a thirty-foot buffet of drugs. Some of the noises popping off in the background are the computer age's equivalent of nails across a chalkboard, but this chaos is somehow crammed into a casing, and the resulting sausage has whiffs of Devo, John Trubee, Brainiac, and Man or Astroman, and the flavor of countless others. Try it with your favorite condiment—a drizzle of mescaline is recommended. Having read a stack of reviews of their previous disc, Anthem of the Moon, I must say this new offering bears little resemblance to the one described in those accounts. [Jagjaguwar]

-Bo Pogue

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