P:ano CD review [Zum Media/Hi-Fi]

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P:ano CD review [Zum Media/Hi-Fi]
Jul 16, 2002, 05:17

P:ANO When It's Dark and It's Summer CD

Sometimes genius arrives not with a bang, but with a murmur. So it is with P:ANO, a British Columbia four piece comprised of a 22-year-old songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, a soft-voiced chanteuse, a drummer, and a bassist, abetted by various and sundry accomplices armed with strings, horns, and percussion. Despite their numbers, the quartet-plus produce a music so calm, quiet, and orderly that you might be forgiven for not noticing that it was playing—sotto-voce leader Nick Krgovich strives to outdo virtually everyone in the subtlety sweepstakes, drawing his songs in spare, quiet strokes. Blend in the superbly poetic existential/slice-of-life lyrical content and the fluid harmonies, though, and you've got a singular and determined sound evocative of nothing so much as the magnificent and underrated Barbara Manning. With Dark/Summer, Krgovich and company proffer an artistic, evocative take on the wider world beyond music that bypasses the ears and resonates in both the mind and the soul, delivering a disc that's destined to be sandwiched neatly betwixt Vini Reilly and the aforementioned Manning on my repeat-play shelf for years to come. Sublime. [Hive-Fi]

-David B. Livingstone

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