Polara CD review [Susstones]

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Polara CD review [Susstones]
May 7, 2002, 01:24

POLARA Jetpack Blues CD

Sometimes it's good for things to be meaningful and important, other times, it's cool that they're just fun. Polara is the latest installment in the periodic busman's holiday of producer Ed Ackerman. It's rife with obvious crowd-pleasing gambits with nothing being deemed too obvious or derivative if it feels good. And this feels really, really good.

Stylistically Jetpack Blues is all over the place. Most songs revolve around a melodic, pop-wiser center, but outside o' dat, anything goes. “Can't Get Over You” is a huge, staggering blast of unadulterated vintage dream pop: a mile wide sonic lava flow with sparkling veins of melody running thru it. “Is This It?” is a sinuously coiling/toiling reverberation of hallowed UK pop avatars The Move, recalling that group's groundbreaking Looking On, one of the most puissant perfect balancing acts of squishy/schweet tunes and mastadon-like rock muscle ever. Till there was Polara's take on it. “The Story So Far” recapitulates the honky chateau, whiskeyed-up bonhomie of the Rolling Stones' “Loving Cup” offa Exile On Main Street. You know, I hate to play this Jeopardy-style name-that-influences game, but Ackerman announces his copping so boldly it's mighty difficult to resist. The important point is that he does it expertly and exuberantly, but not slavishly. Moreover, in every case his stylistic mimicry serves strong tunes and rollicking performances. Ain't nuthin' but a party y'all. [Susstones]

-Howard W.

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