Rotten Apples CD review [Empty]

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Rotten Apples CD review [Empty]
Aug 27, 2002, 23:26

ROTTEN APPLES Real Tuff (Durable Plastic) CD

So yeah, screw The Donnas (and screw The Donnas on the merits anyway). Indie rock doesn't need affirmative action for the fairer sex, it just needs some womenfolk to step up and throw down some worthwhile sounds. Gimmicky chick bands notwithstanding, this happens frequently enough to not be a gratuity or anomaly, and it's happening again with Rotten Apples. Real Tuff is an all-too-short collection (under 23 minutes) of simple but seemlessly-penned old school new wave/punk crossover tunes with a delightful streak of pop blazing through the center. Lead singer/guitarist Dejha possesses a vibrant set of pipes with great range, effusing the vocal track with equal parts brass, breathlessness, shimmer, sultriness, defiance, bravado, and vulnerability. Her vocal melodies and the accompanying choral harmonies are the focal point of the disc, with a delivery and camber that moves from Joan Jett strut to Chrissy Hynde confessional to Polly Jean Harvey soulful plea to Lemmie shout/kvetch (yes, as in Motorhead—see “Road Rage” for this particular incarnation). Backing the vocals and attendant tales of love and betrayal is a cocksure drum and twin guitar barrage (sans actual cock) that's well plotted and possessing impeccable timing for such a rote set-up. Rotten Apples: One hundred percent rock, no schtick. [Empty]

-Bo Pogue

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