Slapshot CD review [Bridge Nine]

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Slapshot CD review [Bridge Nine]
Nov 26, 2002, 23:28

SLAPSHOT Greatest Hits, Slashes and Crosschecks CD

Sweet Jesus, it's Slapshot, the Boston proto-hardcore outfit from deep inside the bowels of the 80s that excited so many sweatshirted, backpacking, cherry-red Doc Marten-wearing stormtroopers at VFW gigs with their archetypal paddle beats, 3-chord chugga chuggas, and growling vocals. Their marketing schtick was hockey-by-association, with lead growler Choke sometimes waving a hockey stick frenetically in the air at shows that were little more than four-square boxes of testosterone-hyped youngsters getting an afternoon of exercise by swinging wildly in a circle, colliding with each other and any available hard surface. “Were”? “Was”? Wait a minute, says here in the liner notes that this particular corpse still walks upright, lumbering across the countryside looking for a community center or run-down ex-movie theatre in which to spew irrelevance. You see, this isn't a typical “best of,” as a slap-dash assemblage of Slapshot alumni (who number in the hundreds, I think) have reunited to breathe new glory into the old faves, while offering up a pair of new songs. New and improved…same old shit! Thus, those looking for a trip down memory lane are robbed of the opportunity to listen to the originals and reminisce. However, the rich lyrical vein survives, which is typical of the genre—odes to the heroic struggles of “the scene,” and inflation of any “scene” grudge to Mein Kampf-ian levels of hyperbole. Don't ignore the extensive liner notes, which inform the faithful that “in order to be different, one must be prepared to suffer the consequences.” Yeah, sure, what he said. [Bridge Nine]

-Bo Pogue

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